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Kagawa’s hottest summer event is Monster Bash!


Rock out to Japan’s Best Rock Bands in Sanuki Manno National Government Park

There are some well-known music festivals in Japan such as Summer Sonic and Fuji Rock, but there’s one music festival that’s off the beaten path and not as well known. That Japanese music festival is Monster Bash in Sanuki Manno National Government Park in Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku.

Manno Park is known for its various flowers throughout the year, a cycling course throughout the park, and a famous Christmas light display which attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. But at the end of August the park becomes the venue for a huge music festival hosting dozens of chart-topping Japanese bands such as ONE OK ROCK, Bump of Chicken, Maximum the Hormone, and Asian Kung-Fu Generation to name a few bands that have played in the past.

 While this festival doesn’t usually feature international bands, it’s definitely an awesome opportunity to see new and upcoming Japanese bands, as well as long-time acts rocking in Japan. Another cool aspect of this music festival is its unique location. If you need a break from the singing, dancing and rocking, you can wander around the many corners of the park and enjoy the beautiful nature, ponds, and covered shaded areas to cool off from the summer heat.

Get Your Tickets and Head For Manno Park

Japan Music Festival Monster Bash

Monster Bash Rock Festival

How to get your tickets for Monster Bash

The event is a 2-day event running from 9:30 a.m. to about 8 pm. Tickets are usually about 9000 yen for a day and can be purchased online from the Monster Bash ticket site or from convenience stores.
People who attend the music festival are allowed to bring coolers with their own food and drinks which is highly recommended. Many people also bring their own blue sheets and sun shade umbrellas to stay cool throughout the day. Whether you go in a group or on your own it’s always a fun experience in a great atmosphere.  Who knows, you might make some new friends who share a similar passion for music, or you might find your next favorite band from Japan.
The photos in this post are photos I’ve taken at the event in the past. As part of the My Little Kagawa Project, I also took some aerial shots of Monster Bash this year. It gives a new perspective of how Sanuki Manno National Government Park transforms into a rock festival full of music lovers. To see more aerial shots of Kagawa, please visit the My Little Kagawa Project website.

Speak English at Sanuki Manno National Park

As many tourists who can’t speak Japanese have experienced, traveling in the countryside of Japan can be very difficult due to the language barrier. Luckily getting to Monster Bash and navigating around Manno Park is relatively easy. Step by Step Eikaiwa has been working with Manno Park staff members to study English required to greet English speaking guests and communicate with international visitors in the park through our English teacher dispatch program for businesses. So there’s no reason not to go to the next Monster Bash Music Festival in Sanuki Manno National Government Park.