Step by Step Eikaiwa’s All Star Kids (2023-2024)


Step by Step Eikaiwa’s All-Star Kids is a unique program designed to celebrate and showcase the remarkable achievements of our students. Through a series of video evaluations, we capture the essence of each student’s journey in learning English, highlighting their progress, confidence, and creativity in using the language. Our All-Star Kids program is more than just an evaluation; it’s a celebration of hard work, dedication, and the joy of learning.

In these videos, you’ll see our students engage in conversational English, demonstrating their ability to communicate effectively, use complex vocabulary, and express their ideas clearly. These All-Stars have not only excelled in their English studies but have also embodied the spirit of Step by Step Eikaiwa: a commitment to continuous improvement and the courage to step out of their comfort zones.

Join us as we honor these young learners, who inspire us every day with their enthusiasm, resilience, and impressive language skills. Through the All-Star Kids program, we aim to motivate all our students to strive for excellence and to show them that with dedication and hard work, they too can achieve greatness in their English language journey. Welcome to the showcase of Step by Step Eikaiwa’s All-Star Kids!

April – Level 4

Kyle – Level 6

Mark – Level 8

Heidi – Level 3

Kevin – Level 6

Sol – Level 4

Sean – Level 5

Susan – Level 2

Jess – Level 5

Coby – Level 4

Sage – Level 7

Kaleb – Level 5