Step by Step Commercial


Hey everyone! This is Jeremy from Step by Step ~ English for Life. Recently I’ve seen some commercials for national English school chains that use famous, high paid celebrities to advertise their services. Although these actors’ English isn’t terrible, I think that our students are much better at Step by Step!
So to prove it, I decided to make a short video and ask our students in Takamatsu and Takase why they study English at Step by Step.

Our course I was hoping they would say things like, “The class size is small and the explanations are easy to understand,” “The teachers are experienced and professional,” “The customized curriculum for private lessons is really useful,” or “Jeremy is so handsome!” (Well, maybe they wouldn’t say the last one.) Unfortunately, they didn’t say any of these things. Instead, everyone gave their own personal reasons, which were much better!

Well, what did they say? You’ll just have to watch and see for yourself.

And last but not least, I have to say a huge thanks to all of the students who we interviewed. There were so many great answers that I wanted to include in the video, but it would have been at least an hour long. Maybe we’ll make part 2 soon!

Hey everyone! ステップバイステップ英会話のジェレミーです。最近、全国展開している英会話スクールが有名人を起用して英語を話すテレビコマーシャルをよく見かけます。CMに出ている俳優さん、女優さんの英語は上手ですが、ステップバイステップ英会話の生徒のレベルも負けないくらい高いと思いました。そこで、ショートビデオを作ることにしました。高松教室と三豊教室の生徒になぜステップバイステップ英会話で勉強しているのかをインタビューしてみました。