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You think you know a thing or two about udon, do you? Ever heard of Sanuki udon? If not, this infographic is for you!

You might have heard of udon or even tried it at a Japanese restaurant somewhere. But have you ever had a bowl of Kagawa Prefecture’s famous Sanuki udon? Kagawa is the udon capital of the world, and you haven’t had true udon until you’ve had Sanuki udon. For those who haven’t had that pleasure, this infographic is for you. The soft and crumbly store bought packs of udon don’t come close to the firm and smooth al dente texture of hand-made, hand-cut, udon noodles which have been made from special flour specifically made for udon called “Sanuki no Yume 2009” (the previous variety was “Sanuki no Yume 2000”).

This infographic by Step by Step English Conversation School in Kagawa Prefecture will help you understand the basics of udon from the complex process of ordering to choosing toppings and side dishes. From there you can learn about the special ingredients and other useful information such as the popular kinds of Sanuki udon. It’s a must see for any Japanese food lover or noodle enthusiast.

After reading this infographic, it’s highly recommended that you take the final step and visit Kagawa Prefecture, AKA “Udon Prefecture,” for a culinary experience that can’t be beat.



Udon Infographic

Here’s the printable pdf (A4)udon infographic pdf a4

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